Connor Kenny

Software Engineer and Project Manager

CS and Math at UCLA

I am going into my third year as a computer science major and mathematics minor at UCLA. I enjoy the theoretical curriculum that includes courses such as Algorithms, Networks, and Databases. I plan to utilize theory and problem-solving skills to manage and complete my own projects in the future. In my free time, I love to adventure around LA, play pickup sports, and relax.

Work Experience:
Internships Everywhere

I have experience as a Software Engineering Intern at Ticketmaster where I helped develop the back-end of their resale marketplace. Previously, I was a Channel Planning Analyst Intern at Broadcom optimizing the go-to-market plan for their Internet of Things ecosystem. I am currently searching for an internship for summer 2017, so if you know of any open positions, please feel free to reach out!

Coding For Fun

When I have time (or even when I don't) I am always looking to work on side projects. My personal favorite has definitely been Scavenger, a map based social application for iOS that I created with my teammate, Jahan. Currently, I am looking into utilizing Python and my math background in projects related to machine learning and artificial intelligence!